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Hello everyone,

I'm Annie and I'm new here. I'm 23, and I just had my son in December of '08. He is 4 months old this week and I am a first time mom. Just looking for other moms to talk to and just chat with. Feel free to email me or anything :) Hope everyone is good!
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Hello i am new here, i am 24 yrs of age and i am expecting my first baby. I am lke sooo excited. She will be here in 2 months and i was wondering if i can make some new friends here while i am awaiting her arrival. And once she gets here. I am a wonderful person and i love to talk.


Hi! I'm new. I just came across the group. I'm looking for other moms to talk with. I'm a 22 year old female. I have 4 kids. 2 of my own. A lil boy who is 4 and a lil girl who is 6 months old. And I have 2 stepkiddos MJ and DJ. They live with their Mommy. Ummmm lte's see what else. I'm happily Married to a wonderful guy. I'm a Truckers wife. :) And I enjoy it! :) Anyways. I hope to make some new friends! :)

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Hey, guys. Guess who? :P

My computer is being challenged and I can't log in to ML right now so, I was trolling around and found that we have an LJ community, too! *gasp* So, I have to make my presence known. Haha.

Just Joined

Hello out there. My name is Elizabeth and I'm pregnant with my first child. I was hoping by joining this community that i'll make some new friends that i can keep in touch with and ask questions about the arrival of my son. I can't wait to hear from some of you. Happy Holidays!
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Wanted to share!!

I just wanted to share some newer pictures of the little miss. She is getting so big and I cant believe she is 2.5 months old already! Dont mind me in the pictures of the two of us, I look a little goofy because the hubby took them at a weird angle, lol. Hope you enjoy them!
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